Trusted Partner with strong achievements

Decode Pharma Partners offers a unique combination of business and strategic knowledge, discovery research and drug development expertise as well as operational excellence services. This enables us to create strategy, plan and execute drug, platform and medical device development programs in an effective manner for our customers and sponsors.

We are renowned for our thoughtful hands-on approach, high quality standard and delivery of objectives on time and on budget. We are senior experts in pharmaceutical/biotech innovation with combined professional experience in both young start-up companies as well as large pharmaceutical and major biotech players. We know the pros, cons, challenges, hurdles and requirements of both world.

We have strong, long-term relationships and working experience with the whole chain of innovation including universities, research institutions, tech transfer offices, biotech incubators, venture capitalist firms, business angels and pharmaceutical/biotech companies. We have built up substantial therapeutic and study experience, contributing to the efficient management of multiple projects in discovery research, preclinical and early clinical stages.

We thrive on challenges, are deeply attracted by innovation and enjoy entrepreneurial behavior which we believe is a key for success. We enjoy discussing and sharing industry knowledge, developing research, and ideas.

Labels and Tax Incentive for client of Decode Pharma Partners – 

Decode Pharma Partners has received labels from administrative autorities of several EU countries providing tax incentive mechanisms to promote the creation and growth of young companies, particularly involved in Research and Development

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