Maturation and Acceleration Program

Decode Pharma Partners has demonstrated its expertise in providing support to start-up companies as well as incubators and tech transfer offices that foster and develop innovative start-ups focused on medtech, biotech and pharmaceutical products.

We are involved before and after the creation of young biotech and medtech companies, spin-off of European universities and research institutions. We do accompany and guide these companies in order to facilitate their maturation and accelerate their development in close collaboration with the project owner(s) and their sponsors.

We deliver customized support depending of the need and expertise of the project owner(s) / founder(s) as well as the profile and objectives of the product / company. We have strong experience and excellent understanding of the difficulties encountered and challenges that are facing biotech founding members during the first months/years of a biotech spin-off company.

Decode Pharma Partners provides advices and support on specific business, operational, scientific and intellectual property issues.

In order to ensure smooth initiation and progression of spin-off biotech companies, we provide to project owner(s) and sponsors three unique development programs.

Early Business Development Program

Maturation Program

Acceleration program

Our programs are established and designed based on usual and common weaknesses identified in spin-off companies from European universities and research institutions. These programs correspond to the major requirements of investors and pharmaceutical companies.