Project / Program Management

Our Project Management Team consist of senior project managers with at least a 15-year track record in the Life Sciences industry with all having proof-of-success in specific drug development areas. Each project manager has proven experience in the set-up and management of drug development programs. Our team understand that development programs need to be executed with a great eye to attention, anticipating changes and risks while maintaining the highest quality level. Our experts also have excellent communication skills and do realize that increasing visibility on project implementation and project management tasks facilitates integration into our client teams effectively and efficiently.

  •  Identification of project needs with the project owner(s) or sponsors
  •  Preparation and submission of detailed project specific “request for proposal” (RFP)
  •  Identification, qualification and recommendation of appropriate CROs and CMOs
  •  Protocol and work package and work plan design
  •  Monitoring and coordination of CROs/CMOs
  •  Review of data and report and providing clear interpretation
  •  Oversee and ensure regulatory compliance of studies and reports
  •  Reporting to Management or to the Board of Directors