Non-clinical / Preclinical Development

In non-clinical development you must always expect the unexpected!

Non-clinical testing is conducted throughout all phases of drug development in order to assess the safety profile and pharmacokinetic and toxicokinetic (PK/TK) characteristics of candidate medicinal products. If the non-clinical (or preclinical) development is performed well, it can maximize the chances of success in the clinical development phases. Strategies for the non-clinical development of products follow general regulatory guidelines, but are also designed on a case-by-case basis according to the specifics of the drug. It is of key importance to design an optimal preclinical development program that allows the drug to be taken forward into the clinic (“e.g. IND package”), or a more extended non-clinical development plan allowing the drug to be taken into the next clinical phase, or to product registration (e.g. including 6 months tox, carcinogenicity study, reproductive toxicity etc). Decode Pharma Partners senior experts can guide our client through all these phases of drug development.

The non-clinical experts of Decode Pharma Partners have a broad experience and hands-on drug development expertise with respect to design, monitoring, issue management and overall consultancy for PK/TK, metabolism, safety pharmacology and toxicology studies. Questions that are handled by Decode Pharma Partners expert range from calculating safety margins and a safe starting dose for a first-in-man study (NOAEL/MABEL) and from advising on specific study findings (e.g QTc prolongation, Drug-Drug interaction) to proposing a strategy on how to deal with high levels of metabolites (MIST guideline). Also for obtaining a second opinion on any pre-clinical or non-clinical research issue/question, our experts can be consulted.

The non-clinical experts work in close collaboration with the project owners and sponsors in order to ensure that non-clinical (or preclinical) development plans provide the most time-efficient and cost-effective strategy for our clients.

  • Pharmacokinetics and Toxicokinetics (PK/TK)
  • Non-clinical / Preclinical Project Management
  • Preparation of Non-clinical Regulatory Documentation and Reports
  • Non-clinical (Preclinical) Consultancy